Curtis Thaxter: Your Trusted Legal Partner In Freeport, ME

Are you overwhelmed by legal jargon and the thought of navigating the legal system alone? You’re not alone. We know that you are seeking straightforward, effective legal representation. The last thing anyone wants is to feel lost or misrepresented when dealing with legal matters. It’s stressful enough as it is.

At Curtis Thaxter, we understand the importance of finding a trustworthy legal partner. That’s why we offer personalized legal services in Freeport, ME. We provide top-tier legal representation and advice to individuals, businesses, and organizations in the area. Learn more about our attorneys

Legal Services Tailored For You

We offer personalized legal services in Freeport, ME that cater directly to your needs. We have over 45 years of experience providing legal counsel to our clients, and we have the resources to handle any legal matter. We cover the following areas of law:

  • Business, Corporate & Finance
  • Employment
  • Energy, Broadband & Communications
  • Estate Planning & Probate
  • Healthcare
  • Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Real Estate
  • Summer Camps

SCG Legal Network

As a member of the SCG Legal Network, our firm has access to a network of attorneys and legal resources across the United States and internationally. This allows us to provide you with comprehensive legal services no matter where your legal needs may arise. Our membership in the network also ensures that we stay updated on the latest developments and changes in laws and regulations.

Why Choose Our Firm?

As a law firm in Freeport, ME, we value transparency and honesty, and our experienced attorneys provide our clients with the best possible legal services. Here are some reasons why you should choose us as your trusted legal partner:

  • We strive to build strong relationships by providing excellent legal services and maintaining open communication.
  • We understand that every case is unique and tailor our approach to fit your needs and goals.
  • We promote a caring and supportive environment for our clients, guaranteeing they feel heard and understood.
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Get Backed Up By Curtis Thaxter

No more feeling lost or misrepresented. With Curtis Thaxter as your law firm in Freeport, ME, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a dedicated and experienced legal team fighting for your best interests. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn how we can assist you with your legal needs.