Find Your Real Estate Attorney In Falmouth, ME, With Curtis Thaxter

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Buying a home, investing in property, or resolving a real estate dispute should be an exciting chapter, not a confusing maze of legal challenges. Our clients want assurance, clarity, and results regarding their real estate transactions. Unfortunately, navigating zoning laws, property rights, and contracts can quickly become overwhelming. No one deserves to feel lost in the complexities of real estate law. 

At Curtis Thaxter, we’re here to lift that burden, offering expert guidance and personalized care as your real estate attorney in Falmouth, ME. Our commitment to excellence and a client-first approach help us stand out and ensure your real estate ventures thrive. Explore how we can assist with your real estate needs.

Our Real Estate Legal Services

Whether buying your first home, selling a property, or being involved in a complex land use dispute, having Curtis Thaxter by your side means you’re covered. Our services span all facets of real estate law, ensuring you have the support to make informed decisions. 

Trust us as your real estate attorney in Maine to help you navigate the legal landscape with ease. Our services include:

  • Title law
  • Boundary matters
  • Easements and rights of way
  • Colonial ordinance law
  • Submerged and waterfront lands
  • Housing projects, Maine and national
  • Low-income housing tax credits
  • Tax-exempt bonds

Meet Our Benefits

Choosing us as your Real Estate Attorney in Falmouth, ME, comes with unmatched benefits:


    Personalized attention tailored to your unique needs


    Expert navigation of Falmouth and Maine's real estate laws


    Proactive communication to keep you informed and empowered


    Strategic representation is designed to protect your interests and achieve your goals

    With Curtis Thaxter, peace of mind isn’t just a promise—it’s our practice.

    Meet Our Benefits

    Our reputation as a leading real estate attorney in Maine is built on more than our legal expertise. Our genuine care for our client’s successes and well-being sets us apart. We believe in building lasting relationships grounded in trust and mutual respect.

    Start A Smooth Path To Real Estate Success With Curtis Thaxter

    With Curtis Thaxter, you’re ensuring a smoother, more enjoyable real estate experience. We’re your partners in making your real estate dreams a reality. We’re here to help you navigate the complexities of real estate law and provide expert guidance every step of the way.  

    For anyone looking for a real estate attorney in Falmouth, ME, Curtis Thaxter is the clear choice. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start your journey towards real estate success.