Notice Regarding COVID-19

We at Curtis Thaxter hope you, your employees and your families are doing well, and are safe and healthy. Curtis Thaxter continues to monitor and follow the guidance offered by health experts, governments, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The health and well-being of our clients and employees remains our concern.

Like so many businesses and law firms, we have adapted and taken steps to provide counsel and legal services to our clients while maintaining a safe work environment. To this end, we allow all our employees to work from home, and have implemented strict office safety guidelines for any essential office visits to meet client needs.

To contact a member of our legal team, please email the person at his or her email address. In addition, should you wish to contact an attorney or legal assistant by phone, feel free to call their cell phone if you have it, or during normal business hours, call our main number (207) 774- 9000 to leave a message. Out of normal business hours, our phone system permits you to call the office phone number and to leave a voice message in the person’s personal voice mailbox; that person will be notified electronically of the message. Attorneys have also been encouraged to provide clients with their cell phone contact information directly.

Apart from our offices being closed to the public except for essential and occasional client meetings, we remain working, only doing so remotely. We encourage all of our clients to communicate by email and help us to meet these challenges by scheduling conference call meetings by email with our attorneys.

Our firm takes pride in its ability to timely and competently meet your needs. Our goal is to help you. In particular we recognize the growing need for advice and counsel to address your own challenges of temporary business closures and the strains it places on you and your employees. To this end, our attorneys are current on recent legislation regarding employment matters and financial assistance. We are there to help you get through this.

Thankfully, many aspects of the practice of law make telecommuting fairly straightforward. Court filings can be coordinated, titles can be searched online, documents can move electronically with ease, and closings can occur electronically. Our finance folks still have the ability to initiate wire transfers in connection with closings. All by way of saying we can and will do what needs to get done.

We wish you all continued good health.