Our Story

Our Story

In 1975, former Maine governor and U.S. Ambassador to Canada, Kenneth M. Curtis, led a group of attorneys to form a law firm dedicated to providing national-class, affordable legal services. In the decades since, we have provided sophisticated counsel for clients including individuals, small Maine business, national and international corporations.

How We Work

We take a problem-solving approach that focuses on helping you understand your case, empowering you to partner with us to find professional, exemplary, and innovative resolutions to even the most complex matters.

How We Give Back

Many members of our firm serve on community non-profit boards and volunteer their time on behalf of Immigrant Legal Advocacy Program in Maine. ¬†We are closely involved with the Susan Curtis Foundation and volunteer with a legal assistance program to help the homeless access veterans’ aid and social security.

Our Affiliates

We believe that belonging to a strong network of experienced professionals allows us to connect you with the best resources no matter what your situation. To that end, we work closely with several partner organizations including Public Affairs Group, CTResolutions, and SGC Legal.